29 Apr

Shiba Inu's price has dropped by 4% in the last day, to $0.00002358, on a day when the whole cryptocurrency market has experienced a 2% decline.

This brings an end to a difficult time for SHIB, which has already dropped by 21% in a month and 12% in a week, despite the well-known meme coin maintaining a 128% increase over the previous year.

However, considering that SHIB is expected to rise over time, the current selloff can offer a favorable chance to accumulate the currency at a lower cost.

A chance like this one is unlikely to persist long because the market appears poised for a quick recovery.

Adding New High-Potential Alts to the Diversification

Although there are now a lot of other exciting new altcoins available, SHIB will continue to be a powerful meme coin for some time to come.

This includes a number of presale tokens, which frequently see significant increases in value after making their initial exchange listing.

The native token of the online cryptocurrency casino Mega Dice, DICE, is another new presale coin that might have a significant launch.

Since its 2023 launch, Mega Dice has acquired a devoted following and is now among the most well-known cryptocurrency online casinos. Its website offers more than 4,500 games to choose from, in addition to a plethora of additional features.

Being the native token of a well-known online casino, DICE is especially bullish because it will have a lot of uses and see growth in demand.

It will grant unique access to particular games and promotions in addition to serving as a payment token for games on Mega Dice's platform.

Its capped supply of 420 million tokens and the ability for holders to stake their tokens to remove a portion of the supply from circulation are other encouraging features.

As a result, its price may gradually rise, especially if Mega Dice draws in more users.

For a few more weeks, 35% of the token's total supply will be made available during the presale.

By visiting the Mega Dice website and connecting their cryptocurrency wallet (such as Phantom, Trust, or Solflare), anyone interested in purchasing the token early can participate in the presale.

As of right now, one DICE costs $0.069, but only time will tell how much more it might cost.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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