24 Apr

Three user groups that were "eligible for Round #1 of Starknet Provisions but had trouble claiming" will now be able to submit STRK airdrop claims, according to a statement released by the Starknet Foundation on Wednesday.

In February, the foundation carried out a significant STRK airdrop, giving out over 700 million tokens to close to 1.3 million addresses. However, for a number of reasons, including mislabeling assets on chains like LidoFinance and RocketPool, the three user groups were unable to collect their share of the airdrop.

Those Who Qualify for the STRK Airdrop

Eligible recipients in three different subcategories will be able to claim their STRK tokens immediately through the Provisions site "in the coming hours," per a notice dated April 24.

In addition to pooled stakers through LidoFinance, RocketPool, BloxStaking, SharedStake, Consensys, and ArkStaking, this group also consists of Starknet users who were incorrectly classified as players of the Immutable-based game "VeVe."

The Starknet Foundation stated that while some VeVe users are also qualified to receive the airdrop, talks are currently taking place over the group's token distribution, and more information will be given.

The foundation also stated that there may be a delay in the STRK airdrop claim process for Immutable users, stakers, and dYdX users.

"Please be aware that owing to the migration of the pertinent eligible receivers to the new smart contract, Immutable users, stakers, and dYdX users will not be able to make claims through the site for a few hours. This is essential to enable their claims.” The announcement read.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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