06 Sep

Dubai, September 6, 2023 – The DMCC Crypto Centre, the world's premier free zone and the Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise, in collaboration with TDeFi, the global Web3 incubator and consultancy firm, is unveiling the final phase of registrations for their highly-anticipated second cohort of the Web3 startup accelerator. This groundbreaking program is designed to propel Web3 startups into the future, and successful candidates will have the opportunity to secure USD 100,000 in liquidity from TDeFi, subject to meeting specific criteria. Interested startups have until September 1, 2023, to submit their applications.

The five-week accelerator program is strategically structured to enhance participants' expertise, focusing on refining business strategies, ensuring Web3 compliance, and mastering the art of marketing. The program will culminate in a venture capital (VC)-focused fundraising event, ushering in a new era of innovative Web3 businesses in Dubai.

Ahmad Hamza, Executive Director of Free Zone at DMCC, expressed, "Providing a platform for success is an intrinsic trait of DMCC, and the Web3 space is no different. Through our Crypto Centre, we are proud to bring this exciting accelerator opportunity to a new wave of innovative Web3 businesses in Dubai. With the mentoring services and liquidity on offer through TDeFi, there has never been a better time to establish a crypto business in the emirate."

Gaurav Dubey, CEO of TDeFi, shared his enthusiasm, saying, "From ideation to developing business scaling strategies, our extensive accelerator program is designed to prepare nascent Web3 businesses for VC funding rounds and efficient real-world operations. We are excited to partner with DMCC for this second cohort, nurturing these startups into thriving businesses."

Building on the success of the first round in March, where 15 Web3 businesses graduated from the accelerator program, the second cohort aims to attract and nurture a fresh wave of innovative Web3 enterprises in Dubai. The program boasts an impressive lineup of over 20 mentorship sessions, led by senior leaders in the Web3 industry, including representatives from Coinbase Singapore, StepN, Footprint Analytics, Hacken, Enjin, and more. Participants will gain invaluable insights spanning compliance practices to the intricacies of Token Engineering and Markets Management.

The DMCC Crypto Centre provides a comprehensive ecosystem for companies specializing in web3 and blockchain technologies, along with associated value-added services. It offers all the necessary resources and support that crypto businesses and entrepreneurs require to establish and scale their operations successfully.

For aspiring Web3 startups looking to join this transformative accelerator program, applications are open at https://tde.fi/acceleration-program-with-DMCC.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of Dubai's burgeoning Web3 ecosystem and take your startup to new heights with the DMCC Crypto Centre and TDeFi. Apply today and secure your chance to receive USD 100,000 in funding for your visionary Web3 project.

September 2023, CryptoniteUae

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