15 May

Telegram Wallet has recently unveiled its collaboration with Notcoin, a move that has earmarked one billion NOT tokens for Toncoin holders. Under this partnership, crypto enthusiasts can benefit by depositing up to 100 Toncoin into their bonus accounts, enabling them to receive 5 $NOT for every TON on a daily basis.

Through Telegram Wallet, cryptocurrency users have the opportunity to purchase various digital assets using bank cards and crypto exchange platforms. Additionally, they can seamlessly transfer their coins to other wallets as desired.

Telegram's recent foray into the cryptocurrency arena has stirred considerable excitement within the industry, fostering collaborations with major players such as Tether.

Wallet Telegram Promotes Crypto Acceptance

Because of Telegram Wallet, which was mostly developed on The Open Network (TON) blockchain, a large number of its users now own cryptocurrency. The Telegram network, which has about 1 billion users, made the TON blockchain accessible to a large number of users, encouraging the growth of its ecosystem and the acceptance of Toncoin.

Telegram unveiled a ground-breaking revenue-sharing scheme that will use Toncoin tokens to compensate channel owners on the platform. Consequently, the platform has made it possible for consumers to use TON to make in-app purchases, similar to in-platform advertisements.

By enhancing Toncoin adoption and usage, the rewards program aims to fortify the Toncoin blockchain ecosystem. The goal of advancing activities on The Open Network is upheld by Telegram Wallet's recent partnership with Notcoin.

One billion NOT tokens have been set aside by the partnership and will be allocated to all Toncoin holders correspondingly. An agreement like this will guarantee Notcoin and Tocoin's reciprocal growth.

Binance releases a Notcoin upgrade

The 54th project on Binance Launchpool, Notcoin has quickly become popular in the market thanks to its unique blend of social gaming and cryptocurrency features.

Notcoin has just joined Telegram Wallet as a partner in an initiative that guarantees NOT token rewards to Toncoin holders.

Binance has additionally given users the option to stake BNB and FUSD in order to farm NOT tokens in an effort to promote Notcoin. These partnerships help these tokens become more widely used, which raises their level of market acceptance and strengthens the native blockchain ecosystems.

To benefit from the reward program offered by Telegram Wallet and Notcoin, crypto enthusiasts can participate by depositing 100 Toncoin into their bonus accounts. By maintaining a balance of 100 TON in their bonus accounts, crypto users will receive 5 NOT tokens for every TON daily.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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