20 Apr

Ledger formally declared a few weeks ago that the Ledger Nano X is now compatible with the MetaMask smartphone app.

Basically, you can use Bluetooth to link your Ledger Nano X to your MetaMask Mobile app, import Ledger accounts into your MetaMask account, and sign transactions on MetaMask using the physical device.

The advantages of integrating MetaMask with Ledger

Users of MetaMask Mobile who are accessing Web3 can thus rely on Ledger's security.

However, Ledger users will also have the option to access their money via the MetaMask smartphone app.

Actually, Ledger wallets could already be used with the MetaMask desktop browser plugin, but smartphones could not use it. This allows you to import Ledger Live and link your Ledger Nano X wallet to the MetaMask mobile app.

The actual device will still need to approve transactions, and the hardware wallet will continue to store the private keys offline.

Linking MetaMask and the Ledger Nano X

Go to Account in the mobile app after opening it to continue linking the Ledger to the MetaMask app.

You then need to touch on Add hardware wallet and then Add account or hardware wallet.

Additionally, an official handbook outlining the steps has been released.

Nevertheless, the link necessitates active Bluetooth and cannot be established over a USB cord. Presently, it permits the synchronization of a single Ledger account with the MetaMask mobile application.

The Ledger accounts will appear on the mobile app as well as the link is established.

Note that Ledger Nano S Plus is incompatible with this technique because it requires a Bluetooth connection.


One of the first businesses in the world to release a hardware wallet was the French startup Ledger in 2014.

Thanks to three devices and the Ledger Live platform, it currently leads the globe in this particular industry.

They have always had the drawback of requiring a physical connection to a device that is connected to the Internet in order to function because they are physical devices intended to protect private keys offline.

They can now be used over Bluetooth without a physical connection because of the connection to the MetaMask smartphone app.

Carl Anderson, Vice President of Engineering at Ledger, said:

"Since Ledger and MetaMask support self-custody maximalists, it seemed sense for us to work together to provide web3 users a great mix of smooth experience and best-in-class security.”


Thanks primarily to the browser extension, MetaMask is arguably the most popular Ethereum wallet globally.

Launched in 2016, it was developed by Consensys, one of the leading businesses in the cryptocurrency space, two years after the Ledger.

At first, it was limited to supporting the Ethereum network, but it has now expanded to include support for BNB, Avalanche, layer-2 Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

It is extensively utilized, particularly on decentralized applications (dApps) like DEX, where the browser extension makes it easier and faster to link the wallet to websites.

But this is a "hot wallet," which is a wallet that, when used on a device that is linked to the Internet, is always online.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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