04 Apr

The Novum Group is delighted to announce the official opening of the HYFI Conference 2023, scheduled for April 20, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam is a logical option for the HYFI Conference this year because it is the birthplace of many prosperous Web3 and DeFi start-ups. 

In addition, a lot of studies listed Vietnam as the top nation for adopting cryptocurrencies. The name HYFI is a combination of the terms "Hybrid Finance." TradFi + DeFi, or conventional finance + decentralised finance, is what HYFI is all about. 

Participants in the DeFi realm would benefit greatly from TradFi's extensive experience because it has existed since the beginning of time. Participants in HYFI Conference will learn insightful things from both sides of the argument.

Christopher Low, Chairman of The Novum Group, said, "DeFi has grown exponentially in the last couple of years due to the advent of blockchain. As a result, traditional finance will inevitably converge with DeFi to create a strong synergy. We believe that only when such synergies are achieved can mass adoption of decentralized technologies occur." 

This year's HYFI Conference will also feature a quality selection of start-ups seeking venture investments. In addition, start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas during the HYFI conference. HYFI 2023 aims to bring together 500+ participants to share knowledge and create synergies among them.

Notably, one of the innovative blockchain companies to support HYFI 2023 as a Diamond sponsor is PurpleFi, a decentralized investment platform that gives access to tokenized assets.“We are thrilled to partner with HYFI Conference to introduce you to PurpleFi, an ecosystem that revolutionizes Web3 investing. With PurpleFi, our users can invest smarter and unlock the potential of Web3. 

We provide mutually beneficial opportunities for investors, enabling them to invest in the future. Meet with us at HYFI Conference and learn how we can enable you to invest smarter, simpler and more meaningfully.”, said Alex Goldsmith, Head of Products at PurpleFi.Other interesting sponsors include Blockbase Ventures, a venture builder focused on Web3 companies; Davensi, a sustainable finance powerhouse running risk-monitored and high-performance financial services over Web3; as well as Markovian Studios, another prominent venture builder that assists companies to build a strong technology ecosystem. One of the world’s leading automated trading bot platforms, CryptoHero.ai, is also a sponsor of HYFI 2023. 

The Novum Group has previously organized several online conferences that brought together thousands of participants in the Web3 space. Now, through its HYFI Conference, it aims to demonstrate a shift towards an open and engaging discussion between both TradFi and DeFi industries. 

Access more details regarding HYFI 2023 at the following URL: https://www.hyficonference.comIts social media accounts are:

About Novum Group 

The Novum Group comprises several companies specializing in the Web3 and financial software. Since its founding in 2017, it has grown from strength to strength to operate in the following areas - Web3 news (www.supercryptonews.com), hedge fund (www.novumalpha.com), consulting (www.novum.global) and software (www.cryptohero.ai and www.stockhero.ai). The Novum Group is headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Malaysia and Vietnam. 

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Source - Press Release by Novum Group

April 2023, CryptoniteUae

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