15 Apr

DOT, Polkadot's native token, fell precipitously during the most recent market downturn. Weekly, its price has dropped by 20%, momentarily falling below $6. But during the past few hours, it has begun to rebound, and as of right now, it is trading at about $7, up 7% over the previous day.

The X user FLASH is one well-known cryptocurrency trader who discussed the recent volatility in DOT's pricing. The asset's trajectory, according to the analyst, is "the ugliest ever," but the trends could soon turn around.

FLASH predicted that DOT would either keep falling soon or rise sharply to $20. The trader appears to be supporting option number two after disclosing that they "bought the dip." 

Michael van de Poppe is another well-known analyst who added Polkadot's asset to his portfolio. Recently, he asserted that "fundamental progress is there" despite the token having "reached a cycle low on the BTC valuation."

Earlier DOT Forecasts

Recently, a number of other analysts have provided projections regarding the asset. According to CRYPTOWIZARD's prediction last week, DOT's value is about to experience a “volcanic eruption brewing.” If the coin manages to break through the $9.60 significant resistance zone, they projects an 80% price gain.

Additionally contributing were X user CryptoYoddha and developer of crypto material Jake Gagain. The latter predicted an increase to $20 this summer, while the former saw an all-time high sometime next year.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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