27 Apr

This Friday, the U.S. Roman Storm, the developer of Tornado Cash, asked the Department of Justice to drop the criminal accusations against him. They contended that the contested facts in the defense's petition were better suited for jury deliberation than first motion arguments.

To put things in perspective, Storm and colleague developer Roman Semenov are accused of planning to launder money. The cryptocurrency developers behind Tornado Cash, a service that mixes cryptocurrency and anonymizes blockchain transactions, were accused by the US authorities of running an unregistered money transmitter and breaking the law.

Authorities in the United States have claimed that organizations like as the Lazarus Group in North Korea have used Tornado Cash to launder money. Late last month, Storm's legal team submitted a move to quash the indictment.

The lawyers contended that Storm lacked control over the service and could not stop organizations like Lazarus from using it, and that Tornado Cash does not fit the requirements of a "financial institution" or a custodial mixing service.

They deny running a money laundering organization as a result. The defense placed emphasis on the distinction between writing software code for a service mix and managing a money laundering enterprise.

But the DOJ refuted the defense's description of Tornado Cash in a brief on Friday. They emphasized that Tornado Cash is made up of a number of components, including a user interface, a network of "relayers," smart contracts, and a website. 

In essence, the brief highlights Storm's role in the creation and development of the system, the usage patterns of Tornado Cash, and other facts by making many references to material that the DOJ plans to present during the trial. Notably, Storm's trial is set for September of this year, but Semenov is still at large. 

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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