15 May

Tron's (TRX) price has been steadily climbing for over three weeks, indicating a breakthrough above a significant price threshold.

The gradual accumulation by whales, although modest, is consistently driving the price upward, thereby stimulating demand in the market.

Tron Whales May Contribute to Price Growth

Whale accumulation has been observed to have an impact on Tron's price, and this is currently the case. Whale addresses that own more than $100,000 worth of TRX and less than $10 million worth of TRX have regularly added more TRX to their wallets.

In the past month, these addresses have acquired almost $160 million worth of TRX, nearly reaching all-time highs in terms of holdings.

Investors are also hoping for a critical bullish signal that would raise the asset's demand. Approximately 1.14 billion TRX are waiting for profits, based on the Global In/Out of the Money (GIOM) indicator.

The purchased supply was acquired at prices ranging from $0.123 to $0.127, amounting to a value exceeding $142 million. While this sum is relatively small in relation to Tron's market capitalization of $11 billion, investors eagerly anticipate these gains.

Once this supply becomes profitable, it is expected to stimulate demand for TRX, leading to a subsequent price surge.

TRX Price Forecast: Nearer the ATH

At $0.125, Tron's price is almost certain to break through the resistance level at $0.127. Breaking through this barrier would allow for additional growth and make the previously specified supply profitable. In essence, this would cause the price to rise toward $0.130.

Tron would reach its all-time high of $0.144 if the price of the cryptocurrency flipped to the positive side at $0.130.

However, Tron's price could drop to $0.121 if the month-long uptrend line that it has been above is broken. Should this support level be lost, the bullish argument would be refuted and TRX will drop below $0.116.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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