29 Apr

While the majority of cryptocurrencies have become dull, including Bitcoin (BTC), the industry leader, which hasn't lived up to the hoopla before its recent halving event, other cryptocurrencies that are still under $0.10 apiece could be a wise purchase in May.


First on the list is SKALE (SKL), a token of the modular blockchain network that aims to make Ethereum (ETH) more scalable. Michaël van de Poppe suggested using SKALE (SKL) as an altcoin to “generate a 3X in BTC, with the lowest amount of risk,” since the momentum of altcoins is expected to grow.

#2 Rubic (RBC)

According to a study released on April 25 by well-known cryptocurrency expert Ali Martinez, Rubic (RBC), the native token of the named multi-chain swap protocol, last week formed an ascending triangle on its 3-day chart, indicating a potential 70% jump.

But as of right now, Rubic's price is trading at $0.0308, indicating a loss of 2.89% over the last day, 3.23% over the previous seven days, and 11.08% over the preceding month.

#3 Data Lake (LAKE)

Van de Poppe also suggests Data Lake (LAKE), a "smaller" initiative that is "relatively new in the ecosystem" and offers "an actual use case" in the shape of the Data Lake Chain, an international medical data donation system based on blockchain technology.

In summary

In the end, some cryptocurrency experts believe that the aforementioned cryptocurrencies, which are currently trading below the $0.10 mark, would be a wise investment for May. However, trends in the cryptoverse are prone to abrupt changes, so conducting independent research is crucial.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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