22 Apr

Shortly after the Bitcoin (BTC) halving, which was one of the biggest moments in the cryptocurrency world, American economist and gold enthusiast Peter Schiff persisted in questioning the viability of the main decentralized finance (DeFi) asset as a digital currency.

As it happens, in his X post on April 22, Schiff stated that the first cryptocurrency asset was a "failure" and that it was now "costing $128 to complete a Bitcoin transaction, and it takes a half hour to process." Later, he added that this period had increased to "over an hour."

Schiff's debate between Bitcoin and gold

Even though some commentators pointed out that shipping "even 1lb" of Schiff's preferred precious metal "around the world in a secure manner" would be far more expensive (not to mention take longer), the economist dismissed the argument as "irrelevant" because "people aren't using gold as a currency right now."

The cryptocurrency community responded with dismay when he stated that tokenizing gold on a blockchain was feasible and claimed that "transaction time would be almost instantaneous and cost minimal." He also said that "gold works much better on a blockchain".

Recall that before, Schiff also criticized Bitcoin's standing as a safe haven in the face of the world's increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, comparing its performance to that of gold, which he believes to be superior, and stating that the “Bitcoin fad is over.”

 Projects the price of Bitcoin

Furthermore, the prominent American economist had predicted that the biggest cryptocurrency asset would experience a “catastrophic crash” as a result of significant amounts of Bitcoin being placed in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which made it more susceptible because it is unlikely that people purchasing BTC ETFs would be true believers.

Despite this, Bitcoin has managed to rise back over the $65,000 price range and is now trading at $65,990, representing a 1.76% daily increase. It has also reversed the 1.02% loss it experienced over the previous week and is collecting a 2.45% gain on its monthly chart.

Schiff may or may not be right in the end, which emphasizes the need of conducting one's own study before making a sizable financial commitment to any asset—coins, equities, real estate, cattle, or anything else entirely.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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