30 May

A recent survey discovered that nearly 80% of gamers in the United States are unfamiliar with or have not played blockchain video games.

The poll, conducted by Onepoll.com, found that a majority of U.S. gamers lack awareness of blockchain games, including their features and potential advantages. Specifically, 52% of participants had never encountered blockchain games, while 32% were aware of them but had not yet tried them.

Involving 2,000 adult gamers, the survey highlighted that despite offering features like the ability to resell in-game purchases, blockchain games remain largely unexplored by many gamers.

Moreover, the study revealed that 63% of respondents feel entitled to refunds for in-game purchases if a game is discontinued, with 34% suggesting that players should have a say in such decisions—features already available in blockchain games.

The survey also noted that in 2023, over 60 games and 11 game studios ceased operations, leaving gamers uncompensated for their in-game acquisitions. Consequently, gamers are seeking solutions to these issues, which blockchain gaming can potentially address.

Additionally, the study indicated that gamers invest significantly in virtual items, spending an average of $6,425.13 over their gaming lifetime. On average, gamers are willing to spend $8.74 per month on in-game resources, weapons, and extra lives.

Chris Lexmond, founder and CEO of Unstoppable Games, emphasized the importance of enhancing gaming experiences, stating that allowing players to resell in-game items for profit is among the desired improvements highlighted by the surveyed individuals. Lexmond stressed the need for the gaming industry to better communicate the benefits of blockchain gaming, such as those offered by Influence, and encourage gamers to explore and embrace this gaming experience.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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