04 Apr

The last six months have seen a price increase of over 140% for Bitcoin ($BTC), which has made holding the cryptocurrency profitable for most investors. Based on current prices, just 0.16% of the trading days in the last 3,732 have seen losses for investors.

This tenacity emphasizes the strategic benefit of keeping Bitcoin during erratic market times. Although there may be significant short-term swings, Bitcoin's past price pattern indicates that long-term increases are more likely.

With the introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US, including Wall Street heavyweights like Fidelity and BlackRock, the price of Bitcoin hit a new all-time high of $73,400 early this year.

The coinbase incentive that miners earn for discovering blocks on the network will be halved as part of the cryptocurrency's impending halving event, which is anticipated to take place later this month. This would effectively halve the amount of freshly created coins.

As stated in the research, a decline to $56,000 would be "the maximum downturn we would expect from a new local high" and would indicate a loss of between 23 and 24 percent. This decline would be "consistent" with the firm's previous analysis of corrections to market bottoms.

In November 2022, after falling below $15,500, the price of Bitcoin reached its floor, and this pattern persisted. When taking into account intraday flash crashes, the latest correction is consistent with this trend, averaging between 20% and 22% throughout the course of this cycle.

For the short-term holder cohort, the Realized Price level has served as a crucial support and resistance level during the current trading cycle, bolstering Bitfinex's BTC price floor even further.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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