23 Apr

The Web3 Summit Dubai 2024, jointly organized by Web3 Summit, BlockNews, and LBank Labs, successfully recently concluded at Atlantis, The Palm hotel in Dubai, marking a significant milestone during Dubai Blockchain Week. This exclusive gathering attracted over 100 industry leaders, distinguished representatives from renowned institutions, seasoned professional investors, and thousands of global attendees.

The primary objective of the Web3 Summit Dubai 2024 was to act as a central platform enabling connections between global Web3 and fintech initiatives. 

Through on-site dialogues, professional exchanges, and collaborative discussions, the summit aimed to catalyze industry development and foster cooperation on a global scale. It brought together influential figures spanning various sectors, including technology experts, visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials. 

Participants shared valuable insights and experiences, delving into topics such as blockchain technology, digital asset markets, and fintech innovation, while also analyzing industry trends and identifying future opportunities.

Throughout the summit, participants seized the opportunity to establish meaningful connections, exchange innovative ideas, and cultivate deep partnerships, thereby injecting fresh momentum into the ongoing development of the Web3 and fintech domains."

The event was inaugurated by Sheikh Ali Al Maktoum, chairman of The Family Office of Sheikh Ali Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, who highlighted Dubai's progress in regulation and expressed full support for market participants. He emphasized Dubai's position as a preferred destination for Web3 and blockchain businesses, underlining the government's support for technological development through investor-friendly policies.

Following the opening remarks, Max, Founder of BlockNews, shared her professional insights and future outlook for the Web3 domain, particularly in anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. She underscored the immense potential of Web3 technology and its future direction, emphasizing Dubai's role as an innovation hub in the Web3 industry.Kaia Wang, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of LBank, delivered a compelling address shedding light on the global development trajectory of LBank's parent company and its notable endeavors in propelling the Web3 domain forward. Wang urged attendees to actively participate in discussions, exchange insights, and engage with industry peers. She expressed optimism for the summit to catalyze collaboration and innovation in the blockchain and Web3 technology sectors, extending warm wishes for a fruitful experience to all participants.Professor Feida Zhu of Singapore Management University delivered a keynote on "When Web3 Meets AI: Opportunities and Challenges." He highlighted the crucial role of Web3 in addressing challenges like data privacy and fairness in AI model executions, emphasizing its potential for scalable and cost-effective digital transformation.

Keynote speeches at the summit spurred deep discussions and innovative thinking, laying a strong foundation for cooperation and development in Web3 and digital asset industries. RWA Finance aims to bridge traditional and crypto finance, offering risk control and user-friendly interfaces. L7 presented CEX and DEX products, including IDO functions and plans for VISA cards. 

BIKA showcased its five-year performance and dual financial licenses, while Floxypay introduced solutions for streamlined cryptocurrency transactions. Exabits emphasized cost-effective decentralized cloud computing to enhance digital experiences and drive Web3 industry growth.In the panel discussions:

The first panel discussion featured representatives from Nulink, including Chief Marketing Officer Anna L, Bit.Store's Business Director Alex Perisic, Avalanche's representative Devika Mittal, and Jide Fashola, Head of Cardano's Technical Integration Department, discussing "User-Centric Scalability Approaches." They emphasized the need for applications to handle an increasing number of users without compromising performance, highlighting the importance of robust user scalability for maintaining performance levels in the future.

The second panel discussion, moderated by Eva Yi, Business Manager at LBank, focused on "Beyond Entertainment: Shaping the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem." Speakers including XION CEO Anthony Anzalone, Star Atlas Founder and CEO, Manta Network Ecosystem Lead Shubham Bhandari, IOBC Investment Department Director Frank Yu, and Str8Fire Founder Christiaan Eisberg emphasized the importance of achieving genuine decentralization and transitioning towards Web3 Gaming. They discussed the necessity for the next generation of Web3 games to fully leverage characteristics such as verifiable proof, asset ownership, and programmability.

The third panel discussion, moderated by Sergey Sevantsyan, Global CEO of BIKA, centered on "Real-World Assets, Stablecoins, Liquidity Maximization, Value Creation, and Regulatory Coordination." Speakers including Pati Murtazalieva, Deputy Chief Sales Operations Officer at Sumsub, Dyma Budorin, CEO of Hacken, Alexander de Lorraine, CEO of Archblock, and Pierre Person, CEO of Usual, shared their insights on the potential of the RWA track in the coming years.

The fourth panel discussion, moderated by Mitch Lacsamana, CEO of Metaverse HQ, saw participants Abdelhadi Shahd Hassan, Takadao's User Growth Manager, Sebastian Forouzani, Head of Puffer Finance's Technology Department, Interop Ventures Partner, and Karel Kubat, CEO of Union, discussing interoperability and cross-chain collaboration in the Web3 ecosystem.

The fifth panel discussion featured Nico, Deputy CEO of MetaStone Investments, Johnason Chan, Co-Founder of LBank, Partners from Blockchain Founders Fund and Fabric Ventures, discussing the pivotal role of venture capital in charting the course of the crypto world.

The sixth panel discussion, moderated by Lilly Douse, Founder of MOV3, showcased Sankha Banerjee, Product Strategy Manager at Babylon, NIGO, Chief Marketing Officer of TBC, and Bekir Seyhan, CEO of SC Group, delving into the potential development directions of Bitcoin in 2024 and beyond.

The seventh panel discussion focused on "Web3 Infrastructure Foundation: Collaboratively Building Web3 Infrastructure and Scalability." Participants including Mahmoud, Chief Operating Officer of Trendx, Simon Baksys, Deputy General of LayerZero Business, David Bennahum, Founder of READYgg, and Jessica Salomon, Strategic Leader of Ora Protocol, engaged in an insightful dialogue, moderated by Nico, Deputy CEO of MetaStone Investments.

The summit's main sponsors include RWA Finance, BIKA, L7, Floxypay, Shiba Inu, Exabits, CratD2C, Whistle, Sage AI, Alien, LinkTo, Domi Chain, CESS, Linux, Gather, MT Capital, RS Capital, Meson, Tubes, Oasis, WPC, Spending Power, SC Group, Business Bay, 100X.win, WatchX, DeepLink, Copilot Venture Studio, Kitsaya Labs, Privasea, Mhaya Game, East Blue, Titan Network, Swarm, BTC Machines, Scallop, DeAi, Bee Wallet, Volcano X Capital, 1024 Network, Nulink, DappOS, Bit.Store, Master Protocol, TBC, ChainUp, and Moledao.

Media partners include CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin.com, Coinpost, U.Today, The Block, CoinCodex, MarsBit, PANews, Block Beats, Odaily, Golden Finance, TheNewsCrypto, Foresights News, BitouchNews, Meta Era, Blocklike, Milin, NewsBTC, CFB Blockchain, Chain Catcher, DeThings, SeeDAO, Whale Research Institute, SUWA, Meta Space, QuestN, CoinGape, LuluFriends, TokenPost, DroomDroom, Cryptonite, lnvesting.com, Jsquare, PyCrypto, Yahoo, Forbes, AMB Crypto, Bitcoin Addict, Crypto.news, Solly, CryptoNewsZ, The Blockopedia, NewsCrypto, Blockwee, Venture Capital Community, Wind, and Crypto World Community.

The Web3 Summit Dubai 2024 concluded with remarkable success, showcasing Dubai as a focal point for the crypto and Web3 technology fields. The event deepened understanding of Web3 technology, explored future development directions, and promoted cooperation and innovation within the industry.A

s the summit drew to a close, it left a lasting impression on attendees, reinforcing Dubai's status as a focal point for innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 technology. 

The event not only deepened understanding but also paved the way for future cooperation and innovation within the industry.

About the Web3 Summit Dubai:

The Web3 Summit Dubai is a premier event dedicated to exploring the latest trends and developments in Web3 technology and the crypto industry. Hosted in Dubai, the summit brings together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within the Web3 ecosystem.

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