12 Apr

During a CNBC "Power Lunch" segment on April 11, 2024, Chris Mancini, an associate portfolio manager at Gabelli Gold Fund, discussed the intriguing dynamics in the gold market. Despite observed outflows from gold-backed ETFs, which typically lead to lower prices, the price of gold has been on the rise. Mancini highlighted this unusual trend and suggested that it indicates significant physical buying by entities not captured in ETF flow metrics.

Mancini emphasized the role of central banks in this trend, particularly focusing on China's consistent purchase of gold over the past year and a half. He suggested that this could be driven by a desire to diversify reserves away from U.S. dollars amidst geopolitical tensions. Mancini speculated that the Russia-Ukraine conflict and subsequent sanctions on Russia, including asset freezing in Western countries, may have prompted other central banks to view gold as a safer reserve asset immune to digital seizure or confiscation.

Mancini also highlighted the growing interest among individual investors and high-net-worth individuals in physical gold. He attributed this trend partly to uncertainties in other investment avenues, such as the struggling real estate market in China. According to Mancini, people are seeking tangible assets offering long-term security, as evidenced by notable sales of physical gold bars at major retailers like Costco. He suggested that such purchases reflect a broader desire among individuals to safeguard wealth in assets perceived as stable and less susceptible to market or political volatility.

Regarding the implications for gold stocks, Mancini pointed out that shares in gold mining companies have been performing better than the price of gold itself. This suggests a positive sentiment among investors toward the sector. He specifically mentioned Agnico Eagle Mines, a company with strong operations in stable regions like Northern Quebec, renowned for significant gold production and robust free cash flow. Agnico Eagle Mines holds a considerable position in the Gabelli Gold Fund's portfolio.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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