11 May

The Sandbox is providing players with an opportunity to earn 100 $SAND daily by engaging in one of its four highlighted experiences for the week: Shadowscape, Octodefense, RapidRumble, and Cyclades.

1. Shadowscape

The premise of this multiplayer experience for 2-10 players is straightforward: survival hinges on remaining within illuminated areas. Players utilize lanterns to carry light and construct campfires to sustain it. Additionally, they can aid each other by sharing torchlights and constructing pathways using blueprints. However, the thrill lies in the rapid depletion of torches, necessitating quick thinking and creativity to endure.

2. OctoDefense

OctoDefense shares similarities with classic tower defense games, where the objective is to thwart enemies from reaching a central point—in this case, zombies approaching from eight different directions, hence the term "OctoDefense."

Players employ projectiles to hinder the zombies' progress towards the center, utilizing the number keys 1 through 8. However, should the zombies breach the center, players lose a life and two points. Exhausting all lives results in losing the game.

3. Rapid Rumble

Rapid Rumble in The Sandbox simply requires you to be among the fastest and most agile people in the Metaverse. It pits you against other players in a competitive racing environment with 1 – 10 players. All you need to do is run, jump, and clear the obstacles as fast as you can.

4. Cyclades

In Cyclades, players embark on a high-speed scavenger hunt to collect gems adorned with pop culture icons such as deadmau5, Paris Hilton, Rabbids, and the ever-famous Snoop Dogg. Along the journey, participants encounter thrilling challenges and unexpected twists.

The primary objective is to amass these gems with haste, as players contend against both time constraints and fellow collectors in a race to claim victory.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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