04 May

A surge in the ongoing legal proceedings between the U.S. Investor interest in XRP was sparked this week by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple. The beleaguered altcoin showed significant volatility, making profits for three days in a row. According to TradingView statistics, XRP increased by 4.52% on Friday alone, rising from a daily low of $0.51459 to a high of $0.53683.

The SEC and Ripple events culminated in a hectic week for the altcoin XRP, which saw significant price fluctuation on Friday. Both sides engaged in motions and countermotions, arguing for and requesting a ruling in favor of their positions in the ongoing dispute.

The SEC submitted a response earlier this week to Ripple's "Motion to Strike," requesting that the court reject Andrea Fox, the SEC's enforcement accountant,'s evidence and exhibit. The fintech company filed the request, citing a number of issues, one of them being the tardy addition of fresh expert papers.

The SEC requested that the court reject Ripple's move, claiming that Fox's evidence did not constitute the addition of fresh expert information in its petition. Later on in the week, Ripple filed a countermovement to the SEC's filing, requesting that the court reject it.

Prominent cryptocurrency attorney Bill Morgan and other industry players did not believe that the court would approve "Ripple's Motion to Strike." He does anticipate, though, that the Judge will grant the business permission to depose her in light of certain expert testimony she submitted.

Investor interest was piqued and excitement surrounding the cryptocurrency market was created by the back and forth between the two sides. It caused some volatility in XRP, particularly because consumers anticipate that the case will shortly come to a definitive conclusion.

The SEC asked the court to impose a $2 billion maximum penalties on Ripple for offering XRP as a security to institutional investors. In the current legal dispute, Ripple is defending its stance in an effort to persuade the court to impose a lesser penalty. 

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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