15 Apr

Over the past day, the price of Ripple [XRP] has dropped once more, casting doubt on the company's prospects in the cryptocurrency space.

Cost increases

Data from CoinMarketCap indicates that XRP's price fell by 9.34%. This decrease continued the negative trend that XRP had been seeing since March 11th.

After testing the $0.7440 mark, the price of XRP has been steadily declining, exhibiting a number of lower highs and lower lows, thereby solidifying a bearish trend.

To buck this trend, the price of XRP would require a significant amount of bullish momentum.

Indicators like the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) and On-Balance Volume (OBV) further provided a dismal image of the price movement of XRP.

There was no discernible buying interest, as shown by the CMF, a gauge of buying and selling pressure, which stood at 0.00.

To further indicate a lack of bullish momentum, the OBV, which measures volume flow to assess market sentiment, has also decreased during this time.

Should XRP's situation not improve in the near future, the price may drop even more.

On-chain analytics for XRP show declining interest from new participants in addition to price indicators.

It appeared that fresh addresses were growing disinterested in XRP based on the slowdown in network expansion. Should addresses decide not to purchase XRP at these reduced rates, the likelihood of XRP's disclosure may become much more remote.

Additionally, the XRP exchange flow balance went negative, indicating a net outflow of XRP from different exchanges.

Additionally, traders' attitude toward XRP had turned pessimistic, as the percentage of short positions increased to 51.8%.

This implied that traders had a generally negative perspective, which might intensify the downward pressure on the price of XRP.

Additionally, the Development Activity for XRP decreased, which can indicate that the ecosystem is not as innovative or as advanced as it could be.

Positive perception of a network and its token is aided by recent advancements. The current deceleration in the development process may potentially erode investor trust in XRP's future possibilities.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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