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Web3 Summit in Dubai by Alibaba Cloud (MENA)

Dubai is the hottest destination to attend web3 events in this March 2023.

On March 6, 2023, the Web3 Summit will be hosted by Alibaba Cloud (Middle East and Africa) at the JM Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai Business Bay.

A Relationship between Mysten Labs and Alibaba Cloud will be revealed at the event (Sui blockchain). By partnering, they will spread awareness of Move programming language and blockchain software development across the developer communities in the UAE and GCC.

Alibaba will also partner with Dubai Silicon Oasis to form a Web3 association. Specific details will be announced during the event.

Furthermore, speakers from the UAE Ministry of Economy, Matrix Crypto Exchange, MakerDAO, Martixport, LeadBlock Partners, Illum Ventures, Zilliqa, Seba Crypto Bank, ChainIDE, EDNS, FOMO Pay, Elastos, MetaIncubator, etc. will also be present.  

Guests from Caeem, CoinMENA, Emirates Group, Uniphore, HSBC and etc. will also be presented. Over 1000 people registered already. 

 Register Here. https://middle-east.alibabacloud.com/campaign/cloudday

February 2023, CryptoniteUae