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UAE, Dubai, 15 March 2023: At the GISEC CISO Circle, a component of GISEC Global 2023, top regional and international information security officers discussed building a "community of action" and outlined ideas to assist digital enterprises in the region in developing cyber-resilience.

The CISO Circle, which was held on day two of the conference with the topic "Creating a united cyber frontier," came to the consensus that the cybersecurity sector's cooperation and information sharing are essential to combating cybercrime, which is now a persistent challenge in the digital age.

Since its founding last year, the CISO Circle has brought together like-minded security specialists from many industries to discuss crucial issues that will strengthen corporate, economic, and national security agendas.Dr. Aloysius Cheang, CSO, Huawei Middle East & Central Asia; Hadi Anwar, Chief Cyber Defence Officer, CPX; and H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti, Chairman of the UAE Cybersecurity Council, served as the panellists at this year's CISO Circle.

In his keynote address to the CISOs, H.E. Dr. Al-Kuwaiti emphasised the benefits of partnerships and collaborations based on the principles of trust and transparency to achieve the shared objective of enhancing cyber resilience.

Dr. Al-Kuwaiti emphasised the significance of the National Security Operations Centre (NSOC) that the UAE Cybersecurity Council is showcasing at GISEC, saying that it "brings us that visibility." He added that "we cannot control what we cannot measure and we cannot measure without having that visibility."He explained that the UAE Cybersecurity Council could give the country's leadership more visibility by integrating all Security Operations Centres (SOCs) across all industries at a national level.

CPX's Hadi Anwar, Chief Cyber Defense Officer, continued, "CISOs face numerous cybersecurity issues in today's environment of quick change. To effectively combat cybercrime, having a dependable advisor to offer advice on best practises is essential, and cooperation is now more critical than ever. We can collaborate and talk about how to battle cyberthreats and safeguard the UAE's cyberspace thanks to a forum like the CISO Circle.

Establishing Dubai as a security and innovation leader worldwide

Amer Sharaf, Director, Compliance, Support and Alliances, Dubai Electronic Security Center, spoke on the GISEC Mainstage about the efforts made by the public and commercial sectors to make Dubai the safest city in the world through digital transformation.

According to Sharaf, it is not surprising that cyber risks are developing at a similar rate to new technologies. "As a result, both the public and commercial sectors must collaborate to create procedures that will enable us to defend against any dangers brought on by these technologies. This is consistent with the Dubai Cyber Security Plan, which aspires to elevate Dubai to the status of one of the world's most secure digital cities.

The hardware hacking kingpin divulges his techniques

Author, tech whiz, and hardware hacker Joe "Kingpin" Grand gave a presentation on hardware hacking and demonstrated some of the more popular hacking methods live for the audience.

Cyber-attacks are always changing, according to Grand. Sophisticated assaults like Fault Injections and Side-Channel Analysis, which were previously only used by people with engineering knowledge, are increasingly more prevalent. Grand continued by stressing how crucial it is for organizations to have effective defences against these threats in place. "With the understanding of hardware hacking, organisations may enter the mind of an attacker and improve the security of their goods."

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