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Hybrid Blockchain SME Expo- 7th edition

The First Hybrid Blockchain and SME Expo will be held in the Philippines from May 25–27, 2023, and is being co-organized by Vertex Group Dubai and Ammara Zaya Capital, whose founder is Veronica Andrino. The purpose of the conference is to bring together professionals from the blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency sectors to discuss the most recent developments in these areas. Entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals can network, cooperate together, and display their goods and services at the Expo.

A Start-Up Pitch Competition, keynote talks, educational seminars, and panel discussions on the newest developments in blockchain technology, finance, and cryptocurrency are all included in the Expo. The first-ever Crypto Fashion Show will also be held, showing the fashion industry's potential for blockchain technology.

Veronica Andrino, a businesswoman and investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, is a firm believer in the ability of this cutting-edge technology to spur widespread adoption. Companies can exhibit their goods and services at the Expo, network with industry leaders, and learn about the most recent developments in blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency. One distinctive feature of the Expo is that all goods and services may only be paid for using cryptocurrency, showing the practical applications of tokens. They will offer payment kiosks and technology that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency as payment in order to make this possible.

Veronica Andrino encourages all businesses, particularly those in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, to participate in the Expo and take advantage of this chance to network, gain exposure, and learn more about the potential of blockchain technology and how it will affect business in the future.

A reputable event management business with over ten years of expertise, Vertex Group Dubai is situated in Dubai. They are experts in planning occasions that together professionals from various industries for networking and knowledge exchange.

Ammara Zaya Capital is a project management firm with offices in Dubai that assists new ventures and established companies in developing a business plan from start to finish up until the project receives funding. They assist entrepreneurs establish and expand their enterprises by offering mentorship and support. The First Hybrid Blockchain and SME Exhibition in the Philippines is being co-organized by Vertex Group and Ammara Zaya Capital. Entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals have a one-of-a-kind chance to present their goods and services, network, and work together with leaders in the blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency sectors.

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March 2023, CryptoniteUae