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The 3rd Annual Peru Blockchain Conference is back.

Peru Blockchain Conference 2024 (3rd Edition): The Most Important Blockchain, Crypto, and Trading Event in Peru and Top in Latin America Returns, This June 13th and 14th Lima, Peru

The Peru Blockchain Conference 2024 returns for its third edition, this June 13th and 14th at the NOS PUCP Convention Center in San Isidro, with a unique list of Keynote Speakers, Speakers and the presence of leading international companies influential in the web3 sector, consolidating itself as the main event of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Trading most important and transcendental of Peru. 

What surprises does the 2024 edition bring? 

The 2024 edition brings an unmissable premiere: Hong Fang, President of OKX, the world's second largest cryptocurrency exchange, will offer a presentation as a Keynote Speaker. This will be the first time that Hong Fang will present at a conference in Peru, providing a global vision of trends and opportunities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. Hernando de Soto, Candidate for President of Peru 2026, will also attend the Peru Blockchain Conference 2024 to share a project he has been working on. His vision has captured the attention of important Silicon Valley figures such as Marc Andreessen (a16z crypto) and Dave McClure, who have debated the ideas of De Soto's "The Mystery of Capital" and its impact on the future of blockchain technology. Leading Brands: Bitrue, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with extensive global experience in trading and participation in key panels, joins the event as a main collaborator. Javier Gamboa, BD Manager LATAM of Bitrue and a prominent representative with extensive experience in the industry, together with his team will contribute their knowledge and experience. Bitrue, as one of the main spokesperson companies for Peru and Latin America, will share its vision and perspectives on the future of cryptocurrencies in the region. Key Allies: Xcapit, a leading company with more than six years of experience in tokenization, blockchain, traceability and decentralized digital identity, will share their vast knowledge in digital innovation to drive the advancement of the technological ecosystem in Peru, invested by the UNICEF innovation fund, will demonstrate how blockchain can transform industries and governments. 

What companies will attend? 

Globally relevant companies such as Equiti, Bitsaving.pe, Fireblocks, Vantage, ATFX, Worldcoin, Avalanche and more, will participate with stands and activities to promote networking and offer attendees unique opportunities to learn and collaborate. With these outstanding sponsors, the conference positions itself as the main meeting point to explore opportunities in the crypto, blockchain and trading market in the region. 


Among the allies and exhibitors, there will be the participation of more than 100 experts in Crypto, Blockchain, Regulation, NFT's, DeFi, Tokenization, Digital Assets, Technological Government, Artificial Intelligence, Trading and Web3, local and international from the United States, South Korea, Russia and Latin America from El Salvador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico. Likewise, important entities such as representatives of institutions such as the Chamber of Deputies of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia and brands such as ETHDubai, Blockchain Rio, CoinEx, Crypto Acumen, Canaria Consulting, Cointelegraph, Bitfinex, Fintek Club, the Blockchain Association of Peru, Bitcoin Life, Next Harbor Solutions, GoingVC, WakeUP, Avalanche DAO, Cryptometales, Burs Advisory, Golden Capital FX, Blockchain Game Alliance, Sura Gaming, NTT Data, Trading Latam, Cripto-CR, Accelerate, Damma Legal Advisors, Mistrade, DiarioBitcoin, Criptoinformes, Criptonoticias, Beincrypto, Genera tu Sueldo, Cripto Latin Fest, Fintech Lab, Sherlock Communications and more, come together to contribute to the conference a valuable platform for networking, collaboration and exploration of opportunities in the web3 ecosystem in Latin America. 

The most anticipated Battle of Traders in Peru 

This year, an exciting Battle of Traders is presented, sponsored by Equiti and Bitrue. In this competition, traders will put their investment skills and strategies to the test to achieve victory. The winners will take home great prizes, including an iPhone 15, AirPods, and over 5,000 USDT. This competition is a unique opportunity for traders to showcase their prowess while competing for coveted prizes, all on the biggest cryptocurrency and trading stage in Peru. 

To register, simply go to www.perublockchainconference.com in the Battle of Traders section. 

Who is the event for? 

The conference is ideal for a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts, including traders, investors, banks, companies and corporations, money managers, academics, entrepreneurs, startups, regulators, politicians, and the general public interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, web3 and financial markets