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11 April 2023, Singapore The Asia Blockchain Association (ABA), Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA), Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), and the Singapore University of Social Sciences Node for Inclusive FinTech Blockchain Security Alliance (SUSS NiFT) have joined forces with Crypto Expo Asia, one of the region's top crypto conferences and exhibitions, to strengthen collaboration with leading industry groups and provide preferential rates to members. The renowned Marina Bay Sands Expo in Singapore will host the second annual Crypto Expo Asia from June 7 to 8.

In addition, the event unveiled its most recent lineup of keynote speakers, which includes Hayden Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Impact, Sidney Macdessi, Head of Institutional Sales at Cake DeFi, Peter Sumer, COO of BITmarkets, Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications & Business Development at the Mantle Network by BitDAO, Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon, Chen Zhuling, CEO and Founder of

"It is clear that now is the time for open communication between firms, developers, investors, and governments, to design the path forward," said Michael Xuan, Director of Crypto Expo Asia. "Amid calls for stronger regulatory supervision around crypto. To advance the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem and ensure it develops in a sustainable and responsible manner without stifling innovation, intra-industry collaboration is essential, as it is with other cutting-edge advancements.

Key trends influencing the global Web3 and crypto industries, such as artificial intelligence, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), Web3 regulation, blockchain gaming, and what these will ultimately mean for an industry that has come under scrutiny and undergone seismic change over the past few months, will be discussed by speakers and panellists at Crypto Expo Asia.We're excited to launch the first Web3 Expo Asia Summit, a companion event to Crypto Expo Asia, as more companies attempt to traverse the metaverse. The first summit will debut experimental panels and conversations focused on the metaverse and NFT, Michael continued.

"Conferences like Crypto Expo Asia give a platform for conversation," said Shawn Tham, Co-Chairman of the Asia Blockchain Association. "The industry's recent challenges have demonstrated just how crucial it is for the community to engage in productive discourse. The ABA's mission includes fostering dialogue and facilitating answers to the most serious issues facing the sector, and we anticipate this year's conference will produce new ideas and solutions in these areas.Prior to what is expected to be one of Asia's most anticipated cryptocurrency industry events, Crypto Expo Asia, key crypto firms like ABX, BEOSIN, BITmarkets, Coinstore, and PurpleFi have already expressed their support for the event.Crypto Expo is put on by the worldwide exhibits and conferences firm HQMENA.

Regarding Crypto Expo AsiaAsia's largest cryptocurrency event, Crypto Expo Asia, provides a vital forum for networking and idea exchange in the sector. The opportunity to interact with recognised thought leaders and acquire vital insight into the global crypto ecosystem is provided to attendees.Attendees are among the first to learn about market moves, partnerships, and product launches. Discussion topics include the future of the blockchain-based economy and potential effects on industry and society. For like-minded business owners, insiders in the sector, and investors, Crypto Expo Asia is the unsurpassed global gathering place.Visit cryptoexpoasia.com for more details.

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