17 May

Avalanche has been grappling with a persistent struggle to break through its price range, fluctuating between $30 to $39 for several weeks. As of the current writing, the price of Avalanche (AVAX) sits at $34.98, accompanied by a market cap of $13,366,945,544. Despite its position among the top 15 cryptocurrencies, AVAX has remained trapped in a price cycle. 

However, there are indications on the charts suggesting a potential surge towards $40.

Considering AVAX's all-time high (ATH) target of $146.22, reaching $40 may not seem like a significant leap. However, given the ongoing crunch in the crypto market, AVAX has settled at its current price level. Once the broader market stages a recovery, Avalanche is anticipated to regain momentum, much like its performance earlier this year. In 2024, investors have already witnessed profits as AVAX surged to as high as $60.69 in March.

Will Avalanche Prices Rise to $40 Next?

Avalanche has already set its sights on achieving the $40 milestone, regardless of market conditions. Though the crypto market plays an important part in maintaining cryptocurrency growth, Avalanche has additional variables to support a rush to the aim. The considerations include recent innovations and technological features, which are supported by the community.

Introducing New Facilities for Avalanche

Avalanche has entered the tokenization space, much like Ethereum, in order to strengthen its market image. Avalanche has tokenized its fine wine investment fund in an attempt to capitalize on the tokenization trend and build a tokenized asset ecosystem. This initiative will contribute to the growing demand for the Avalanche network as the integration of real-world assets (RWA) continues to rise. Ethereum serves as a crucial bridge in meeting this demand, evident from its management of $381 million worth of tokenized United States treasuries. Now, Avalanche aims to replicate this success by facilitating similar tokenization processes.

Furthermore, the network has introduced a liquidity mining incentive program named Memecoin Rush. This initiative seeks to enhance meme coin activity on the network by offering $1 million in liquidity mining incentives. Through such efforts, Avalanche aims to foster greater participation and engagement within its ecosystem.

Technical Factors Behind the $40 Surge

AVAX is entering a bullish zone as investors pile in to buy the token. The MACD with Simple and Exponential Moving Averages for 10 and 20 sites imply a cryptocurrency purchasing binge. A descending triangle potential pattern is also present on the charts, with resistance at $39.02. This raises the prospect of AVAX prices exceeding $40 in the coming days. If Avalanche crosses the $39,02 resistance zone, a target of $54.82 is feasible.

Crypto analysts are echoing similar sentiments, with many highlighting the potential for breaking the major trendline in AVAX charts. "On closing above the trendline, I can see a 40% rally in the short-term," stated Omar, a crypto analyst, in his recent post. This outlook suggests a bullish sentiment among analysts, anticipating a significant uptick in AVAX's price if certain technical indicators are met.

Avalanche has already seen an increase in its price, rising from yesterday's low of $31.4 to the current value of $34.98. Analysts predict that this upward momentum may persist, potentially leading AVAX to reach $40 in the near term. If the trend continues, AVAX could then set its sights on the next milestone of $54.82 after enduring weeks of a downtrend. This optimistic outlook suggests a potential recovery and bullish trend for Avalanche in the coming days.

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