30 Apr

Emin Gun Sirer, the founder of Avalanche, has taken aim at certain anonymous cryptocurrency inventors who are disguising fake tokens that pose a risk to investors. Taking to his X page, Sirer gave advice to the community about not being sucked into another cryptocurrency project that focuses more on creating new buzzwords than value transfer.

The inventor of Avalanche, who previously founded FTX Derivatives Exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, emphasized the idea of "Effective Altruism," which he said is being applied to enterprises that are "trying to adopt technical terminology from the humanities."

"Remember 'effective altruism?' The silicon valley cover story for stealing everyone's money? The head guy, who was inventing enough highfalutin words per minute to fill a few humanities journals, just had his institute shut down, after Sam used his ideology to power fraud."

Sirer's attitude demonstrates the extent to which people are starting to incorporate different ideas into the development of technology. The "weak subjectivity" notion, which was deliberately misleading and concealed the production of several nontransferrable tokens that Crypto Twitter was unaware of, was another point he stressed.

Prospective L1 builders should be honest, according to the Avalanche founder, rather than hiding innovation intended to take Ethereum head-on.

Combating cryptocurrency scam

Scams and frauds aimed at cryptocurrency users take many various shapes. Emin Gun Sirer's analysis centers on developers who, despite their lack of desire to fail, are probably creating products that are not going to last.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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