02 Apr

Leading pioneer in the Web3 gaming space, Ethlas presents Battle Showdown: Gambit, their main game, coupled with the innovative SkillFi concept. By enabling participants to profit from their abilities, the game aims to create a long-lasting economic ecology.

The Gambit Ecosystem Battle Showdown: Gambit connects players with their Patrons (holders of Bits) through a novel economic concept. Top skills have real-world worth because players receive rewards according on how well they do in-game.

In parallel, Bit holders have the option to purchase Bits from gamers and profit from their performance via a profit-sharing scheme. The Web3 game environment's emphasis on player empowerment redefines the role of the player.

Battle Showdown: Gambit, a mobile game that offers players a cash-in/cash-out structure and high-stakes gameplay across several game variants; features The Gambit portal, featuring a trading platform for Bits and an analytics panel for Bit owners.
Fractionalized Ownership: By purchasing a portion of a player's Bits, users can put money into potentially successful players. This strategy makes a profit-sharing mechanism possible, letting players split their winnings with Bit holders.

Bits Trading: Bit holders can act as talent scouts by recognizing and funding promising athletes through the dynamic Bits Trading marketplace. Bit holders can diversify their holdings and possibly earn substantial returns by trading player Bits, contingent on player performance.

Analytics Dashboard: An extensive dashboard for examining trade history, earnings, and player performance.

With an intriguing roadmap ahead, Ethlas is dedicated to enhancing the SkillFi experience over time:

Phase 1: Gambit Point System (Live Now): Using the current portal, players can gain multipliers and points, move up the leaderboard, and be eligible for future airdrops.

Phase 2: Bit Trading (Coming Soon): Bit holders will be able to make predictions about possible talented players on the much-awaited Bit trading marketplace.

Phase 3: Game Launch (Coming Soon) - The first Gambit game, an exhilarating shooter that can be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones, will officially launch. Through extensive player analytics and Bit trading capability, this phase fully unlocks the potential of SkillFi.

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