11 Jul

Bondex, a Web3 platform often dubbed the "Web3 LinkedIn," has recently announced the launch of a new tap-to-earn game on Telegram called "Bunny Blitz." This move comes as the integration of social networks like Telegram with gaming continues to gain momentum.

The game, which is now available on Telegram, offers players the chance to earn rewards in BDXN, the native token of the Bondex network. The total prize pool for the game is set at the equivalent of $1 million in BDXN, which will be distributed to players who successfully complete daily tasks within the game.

Ignacio Palomera, the CEO of Bondex, stated that this initiative aligns with the company's broader mission to incentivize user engagement and participation within the Bondex ecosystem. The game's launch follows a recent successful funding round for Bondex, during which the company raised $10 million.

The introduction of "Bunny Blitz" is seen as a significant development in the Web3 gaming landscape, particularly in the context of integrating social platforms with gaming experiences. It highlights the growing interest in utilizing blockchain technology and token-based rewards to enhance user engagement and create new revenue streams.

Key Points:

  • Game Name: Bunny Blitz
  • Platform: Telegram
  • Rewards: $1 Million in BDXN (Bondex's native token)
  • Game Type: Tap-to-earn
  • Objective: Complete daily tasks to earn BDXN

Bondex's move into the Telegram gaming space with "Bunny Blitz" is expected to attract a considerable player base and further solidify the company's position in the Web3 ecosystem. The integration of social and gaming elements, coupled with the enticing rewards, could set a new trend in how Web3 platforms engage with their users.It remains to be seen how "Bunny Blitz" will perform in the long run and what impact it will have on the broader adoption of Web3 gaming. However, the initial launch has generated significant interest and anticipation within the crypto community.

For more information and to participate in the game, you can visit Bondex's official channels or search for "Bunny Blitz" on Telegram.

July 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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