28 Mar

$14 million in startup money is provided to Elixir Games by Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy and other well-known games, Shima Capital, and the Solana Foundation. This suggests that the gaming business is about to undergo an exciting and rapid transformation. 

A New Way of Playing Games 

CEO Carlos Roldan believes gaming goes beyond simple entertainment. Elixir Games, who now have $20 million in funding, is getting ready to introduce a gaming ecosystem that will be unmatched in the second quarter of 2024. Their mission doesn’t end there; the launch of the $ELIX token is intended to completely alter the way we think about in-game money and player interaction.

Roldan’s goal is simple: “We’re transforming gaming into more than just a screen activity. We’re constructing a world where players have greater involvement.

” Elixir Games aims to create a game that changes as a result of player input in addition to development efforts. Elixir Games wants to build this kind of future.

Square Enix does More Than Just Make Games

Elixir Games’ support from Square Enix, a company known for creating captivating worlds, is a major piece of information. Square Enix is using its power to reimagine what gaming may be, with $1.69 billion in revenue announced in the final nine months of 2023.

Square Enix showed interest in the potential of web3 for gaming earlier this year. Their investment in Elixir Games is a demonstration of their willingness to explore cutting-edge gaming technologies as well as their support of Roldan’s vision. 

The idea of developing a setting where games are not just played but also experienced is what has people excited about web3 gaming. The $ELIX token, which gives users the ability to own a piece of the game environment, is at the center of this idea. By giving players a stake in the game’s universe, this project seeks to improve engagement within games.

This is a cultural transformation rather than merely an improvement in technology. The lines between gameplay and game production are blurred, allowing players to actively engage in the creative process. It represents a daring step towards a future in which games prioritize innovation and community over escape. 

March 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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