05 Jun

Introducing Hack:DiD, a cutting-edge hackathon that aims to pave the way for the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Blockchain eras, has us giddy with excitement. This innovative event serves as a venue to highlight technological innovation and hasten the investigation of ground-breaking use cases. 

Hypersign's long-term programme Hack:DiD aims to strengthen the web3 ecosystem by advancing the field of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). 

The hackathon itself will be held online starting on June 10 but will be supported by IRL developer workshops in four major Indian cities, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chenna, and Mumbai, over the course of these two months.  

Problem Statement & Use Cases

Participants are invited to devise ingenious solutions to the following use cases:

  • On Chain Review & Ratings
  • On Chain Reputation Score [Defi & NFT]
  • Multi-chain Portfolio management
  • KYC, Document Signing & Verification
  • Traceability in supply chain management
  • Ticketing [Events, Transportation, etc.]
  • Education & Certification
  • Multi-chain Identity & Access Management

The Grand Kick-Off Event

Hypersign and Dojima teams are set to launch the hackathon with an exciting In-Real-Life (IRL) developer-focused event in Bengaluru on 10th June, in collaboration with our workspace partner Bhive Workspace. Representatives from both teams will provide crucial information about the hackathon tracks and the grand prize.Web3 developers, this is your golden opportunity to dive headfirst into the realm of web3 infrastructure. 

Join Us to participate in the event that's leading the way with cross-chain dApps and self-sovereign identity principles using decentralized identifiers, verifiable credentials, and ZKP.

Take the leap and RSVP for the event here: https://lu.ma/4e8noghn.

Celebrating Our Sponsors and Community Partners

The Hack:DiD hackathon is proudly backed by an ensemble of remarkable sponsors DoraHacks, Dojima Network, and Hypersign protocol.

  • DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and a potent developer incentive platform, fostering a worldwide hacker movement in blockchain, quantum computing, and space tech.
  • Dojima Network offers a multi-layered architecture that acts as a cross-chain platform for developers. All Hack:DiD projects will be deployed on the Dojima chain, offering features like Universal Liquidity Access and Cross-Chain Execution and Transfer.

Docs: https://devoc-test.dojima.network/ 

  • Hypersign is a Proof Of Stake (PoS) based permissionless blockchain network for digital identity. All projects in this hackathon will use the Hypersign infrastructure in their submissions to qualify for rewards. 

Docs: https://docs.hypersign.id/ 

Their community partners are crucial contributors to Hack:DiD:

  • Foundership coaches India's top founders and builders, providing capital and community to launch impactful Web3 startups.
  • QuillAudits is a Web3 cybersecurity firm that will offer audit credits to selected project winners. QuillAudits will be providing free audit credits of $3000 for winners; more details here: https://www.quillaudits.com/wagsi-grants-programme 
  • hashtagweb3 is a global community of 100,000+ Web3 and tech professionals offering a platform for learning and job opportunities in the Web3 space.
  • Bhive Workspace is our workspace partner and a leading Indian co-working space provider.
  • Alibaba Cloud offers comprehensive cloud computing services and solutions.
  • Digitalsocial.ID (DSID) leverages the user's digital behavior to create wallet reputation and scores. 
  • Lumos Labs is developing the Lumos Metaverse, a comprehensive platform dedicated to connecting and empowering Web3 developers, communities, and technology providers to overcome fragmentation and scarcity, thereby accelerating growth and innovation in the Web3 space. Lumos has agreed to give all the participants of the hackathon free access to Lumos Academy
  • Graviton is leading a mission to increase infrastructure and capital accessibility for early-stage web3 founders in India, with a web3-focused accelerator program that’s underway with its first cohort in 2023
  • CryptoniteUAE is an online publication focused on web3 entrepreneurship and their projects. It aims to showcase and highlight the work of web3 entrepreneurs and the innovative projects they are working on, providing insights and updates on the latest developments in the web3 space.

See you there, where the future of identity meets the present!

Once the reveal of the track and prizes is done on 10th June, it will be added to this same blog as an edit. Stay tuned for updates on the Hack:DiD. 

June 2023, CryptoniteUae.


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