21 May

Bybit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide in terms of trading volume, has achieved a significant milestone by exceeding 30 million registered users globally. 

This accomplishment underscores Bybit's prominence in the blockchain sector amidst a period of remarkable growth in Web3 technology.

Bybit's increase in market share

The most recent quarterly report from Kaiko Research shows that Bybit's market share in spot trading has increased dramatically, from 2% in 2023 to an astounding 9.3% in 2024—a almost 400% rise.

This increase above the 7.3% from the prior year highlights Bybit's leadership in the cryptocurrency space.

The expansion can be ascribed to a resolute dedication to user security and trust, as demonstrated by frequent proof-of-reserve audits that guarantee openness and responsibility with user funds.

Since its launch in 2018, the platform has not had any significant malfunctions or hacking incidents.

30 million Bybit users

Industry recognition demonstrates Bybit's commitment to security and openness even more.

The exchange has an AA grade in the most recent CCData Crypto Exchange Benchmark Report and a flawless 10/10 Trust Score from CoinGecko.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, emphasized the significance of the recent accomplishment and the part the platform's worldwide user community played in making it happen:

"It is a humble accomplishment to reach 30 million registered users, and it would not have been possible without the steadfast support of our thriving international crypto community. We are immensely appreciative of their confidence and are determined to continue offering top-notch, dependable services that are catered to regional requirements. Bybit works together with regulators throughout the globe to guarantee responsible innovation and compliance."

Leading edge of Web3 innovation 

By creating engaging and user-centric platforms, Bybit has been at the vanguard of Web3 innovation, transforming the way users interact with the blockchain ecosystem.

Bybit added ground-breaking products to its lineup in 2024, including the Airdrop Arcade, NFT Pro (a decentralized platform for non-fungible tokens), and Inscription Marketplaces.

These platforms curate chances to invest in and promote a wide range of tokens and projects, lowering entrance barriers and improving user experience.

Many newbies were also introduced to these rapidly expanding ecosystems and their prospects by Bybit's recent Solana Fiesta and Bitcoin economy broadcast.

Gamifying and using data intelligence to democratize Web3 

By gamifying participation and enhancing the user experience through powerful data intelligence, Bybit lowers the barriers to entry for Web3.

Zhou highlighted that Bybit is dedicated to transforming the sector, saying:

"We are committed to transforming the cryptocurrency industry, and today's milestone represents more than just numerical achievements. Bybit is still dedicated to creating the cryptocurrency of the future. To provide our 30 million consumers with the best goods possible, we will keep upholding the ideals of listening, caring, and improvement. Our product designs will always prioritize safeguarding our clients' interests. Financial inclusion is not only a goal but a reality in the future we imagine, where Web3 empowers every individual."

Bybit continues its dedication with the imminent introduction of Bybit Web3 DEX Pro, an advanced decentralized exchange (DEX) platform driven by groundbreaking i-SMART data intelligence technology. Bybit's pioneering approach equips users with state-of-the-art tools tailored to surpass the demands of contemporary traders and investors.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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