29 May

The Stellar Development Foundation is bringing its A-game to Consensus 2024 with a series of sessions titled "Stellar Ne Plus Ultra," a Latin phrase meaning "the ultimate" or "the best possible."  These sessions offer a deep dive into the technical advancements, builder utility, and real-world impact of the Stellar ecosystem in 2024.

Stellar's Technical Beauty and Utility

  • Session: How Do Smart Contracts on Stellar Stack Up?
  • Speaker: Julian Martinez, Stellar Development Foundation Senior Developer Advocate
  • Time: 3:50 PM CDT
  • Location: ACC: Protocol Village

This session explores the capabilities of smart contracts on Stellar and how they stack up against other blockchain platforms. You'll learn about Stellar's unique features that support building a wide range of applications, including those involving real-world assets, global on and off-ramps, and cash-to- DeFi integrations.

Cash-in, DeFi on: Bridging the Gap

  • Session: Real-World Impact: Cash to DeFi, Only on Stellar
  • Speakers:
    • Justin Rice, Stellar Development Foundation VP of Ecosystem
    • Markus Paulson-Luna, Script3 CEO
    • Jop Middelkamp, Beans App CTO
  • Time: 4:00 PM CDT
  • Location: ACC: Protocol Village

This session focuses on real-world use cases of Stellar. Hear from executives at Beans, a wallet app, and Blend, a DeFi protocol, about how they're leveraging Stellar to create a seamless cash-to-DeFi experience. This innovation opens up access to the digital economy for a wider user base.

Building on Stellar: Funding and Support

  • Session: $100 Million to Support Builders From Idea to Conception
  • Speakers:
    • Justin Rice, Stellar Development Foundation VP of Ecosystem
    • Marcia Blacken, Glo Dollar Head of Operations
  • Time: 4:35 PM CDT
  • Location: ACC: Protocol Village

Thinking of building on Stellar? This session is for you! Learn about the $100 million Stellar Community Fund dedicated to supporting developers. Hear firsthand from a recipient, Glo Dollar, about their experience securing funding and support to bring their innovative project to life.

Stellar Ne Plus Ultra promises to be an information-packed exploration of the power and potential of the Stellar ecosystem. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just curious about blockchain technology, these sessions offer valuable insights into what Stellar has to offer.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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