14 May

Floki Inu (FLOKI) has surged in value, following the upward trend of other meme tokens. FLOKI, known for its dog-themed assets, is a platform focused on integrating Web3 activities and gaming.

FLOKI recently reached $0.0001894, nearing its monthly peak, and experienced approximately 10% gains within a day. This marks a resurgence for FLOKI, with its value revisiting levels seen during the meme token craze of 2021-2022. The token now maintains a stronger foundation, benefiting from renewed interest in meme-based assets.

The Token Burn Proposal Boosts FLOKI

To reduce the token supply and increase in value, FLOKI, like other meme tokens, depends on a combination of holders and burns. By using the DAO method, the FLOKI community votes to determine whether to burn tokens. Based on conversations on social media, the announcement made FLOKI a trending asset.

They became increasingly aware of FLOKI when meme tokens began to trade differently than other assets. The exposure is increased by the recent inclusion of FLOKI in the Van Eck meme coin index.

FLOKI's enhanced profile is being further enhanced by the favorable performance of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

To increase the asset's accessibility, FLOKI plans to include a Telegram trading bot in the upcoming months. The FLOKI team will also burn the bot fees in order to further reduce the token supply. Additionally, FLOKI plans to provide a DNS service akin to Ethereum addresses in order to increase uptake and awareness.

FLOKI Places Another Bet on Gaming

The play-to-earn boom's conclusion was one factor in FLOKI's collapse. FLOKI was intended to be more than simply a token from the start; its developers also saw it as a fuel asset for an ecosystem of games. However, the player exodus caused FLOKI to trade sideways for years, wiping out 99% of its worth.

FLOKI is reimagining its gaming strategy, blending increased social media visibility with an expanding gaming ecosystem. The Heimdall Ascends game has introduced a new patch, enhancing its performance.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to reinvigorate the player base of the Valhalla game. Although the Valhalla NFT experienced significant success during the 2021 boom, its presence on OpenSea in 2024 was limited.

However, there are prospects for Valhalla's resurgence this year, as Floki Inu plans to launch two mainnet versions and a mobile edition by year-end. Additionally, FLOKI token integration into FinTech activities, enabling FLOKI spending, is being explored. Currently, Floki Inu is actively pursuing banking services to facilitate crypto-to-fiat transactions.

FLOKI's Multiple Uses Are Still Possible

In addition to its flagship game, Valhalla, FLOKI hopes to provide a variety of other services. TokenFi and DeFi options are available on the Floki Inu platform. Furthermore, in a native marketplace, Floki Inu lists its own Valhalla NFT.

Debit cards are another way for users to spend their FLOKI tokens. Furthermore, FLOKI now has a separate profile page on Binance Pay, increasing its visibility.

Users can now stake the FLOKI asset on the Floki Inu platform to earn extra passive income, and the company has also included teaching facilities. With around 10 billion tokens in circulation and no limit supply, FLOKI's locked or staked tokens contribute to the market price increase.

FLOKI is also eyeing expansion on Binance Venus, where it is currently listed in a separate pool. While FLOKI decentralized trading still locks up $2.7 billion in assets, the project seeks inclusion in the Venus Core to attract more liquidity.

Despite having a relatively small holder pool of approximately 78,000 wallets, accounting for around 30% of PEPE holders, FLOKI aims to establish itself as the most prominent meme asset with added utility.

The recent surge in meme tokens has demonstrated that assets with a history tend to outperform. While new meme tokens are continually launched, only a select few ascend to the top of the rankings. FLOKI is positioned among these tokens, leveraging its established brand and strong community support.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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