13 May

The landscape surrounding blockchain technology and the crypto industry has undergone a notable transformation, particularly in gaining acceptance among major financial institutions. This marks a significant departure from the skepticism voiced by trillion-dollar asset management firms just a few years ago, when the industry was often branded as a breeding ground for fraud.

However, in recent years, the industry has experienced remarkable evolution, winning over even its harshest critics. This shift in perception is evident in the public support of individuals such as Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton. Johnson's endorsement signals a seismic shift in the perception of blockchain and crypto, as her backing carries considerable weight within the financial industry.

CEO of Franklin Templeton Shares Her Passion for Blockchain Technology

At the 27th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference in California, Jenny Johnson reaffirmed her unshakable support for blockchain technology, saying, "First of all, I am a huge fan of blockchain and the technology."

The CEO of Franklin Templeton emphasized that her company has been exploring new methods to utilize blockchain technology and highlighted her excitement for the technology's potential. Johnson revealed in the interview that the trillion-dollar asset management company learned a lot from internal trials contrasting blockchain and traditional technologies.

Franklin Templeton found the results startling, and Johnson expressed shock at how much less expensive blockchain technology is than more conventional approaches.

"We were astonished by how much less costly it was to run on the blockchain. It's a highly efficient technology, and we believe it will unlock numerous new investment opportunities," shared Johnson. 

Convinced of the technology's potential, she hinted at Franklin Templeton's intentions to explore fresh investment avenues, including on-chain ETFs and mutual funds. Johnson pointed out the challenges of navigating the current financial infrastructure, especially the high costs and time requirements associated with reconciling data across multiple systems.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Franklin Templeton aims to significantly reduce costs and enhance efficiency. 

Johnson expressed excitement about the prospect of creating new investment opportunities and utilizing the technology for various applications within the firm. Her enthusiasm reflects a notable shift in perception towards blockchain and the crypto industry. 

It highlights the substantial progress the industry has made and underscores the growing interest of major asset managers and institutions in integrating blockchain technology into their operations.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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