25 Jun

In a surprise move, Notcoin's recent airdrop has outshined well-established projects like ZKsync and LayerZero. The token, initially trading at $0.0142, saw a 7% increase in 24 hours. But the real story lies in the airdrop itself.

Notcoin distributed tokens to a whopping 11.5 million users, with no strings attached. This airdrop, valued at roughly $250 per user at its peak, totaled a staggering $2.7 billion.

This community-driven approach stands out compared to ZKsync and LayerZero, which garnered 695,000 and 1.28 million users respectively.  Furthermore, the total value of Notcoin's airdrop dwarfs those of its competitors, with ZKsync at $954 million and LayerZero at $323 million.

Notcoin's success highlights the potential of airdrops to attract users and build communities. While the long-term value of Notcoin remains to be seen, its initial impact cannot be denied. 

All eyes are now on the upcoming airdrop for Blast, another Layer 2 project, scheduled for launch this week. 

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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