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Did you know that there are mobile games that pay actual Bitcoin for playing? These are legal games that you can download from the iOS App Store or Android Play Store, and while you play the game and watch advertising between rounds or stages, you’ll stack up satoshis (aka the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin).

Of course, you should temper your expectations as the majority of these games only award a few pennies' worth of Bitcoin for each hour of play. No one will become wealthy by playing a variation of sudoku with Bitcoin. However, if you're going to play that kind of game anyhow, why not earn some Bitcoin in the process?

At Decrypt's GG, we've covered a ton of these games, and some are unquestionably superior to others. These are the best mobile games that accept Bitcoin, and we have played them repeatedly for reasons more than just the free coins. 

Bitcoin Miner

If you're familiar with the cryptocurrency space, this one should be obvious. In the Fumb Games game Bitcoin Miner for iOS and Android, you mine virtual money in exchange for real Bitcoin. Make sense?

Even though Bitcoin Miner's tapping gameplay is simple, we've enjoyed it more than most crypto-infused games, in part because it's such a bright and silly ode to this frequently weird sector. Additionally, it is more giving than the majority of these games, offering numerous chances to win Satoshis in addition to free Sats that can be claimed multiple times every day. Actually, we've created a guide to assist you in maximizing your Bitcoin earnings.

Sweet Bitcoin

Sweet Bitcoin is a puzzle game that is lighthearted and fairly easy to play, but it might be the greatest way to accumulate satoshis if you like Candy Crush Saga-style matching games.

The puzzle game by Bling Financial for iOS and Android is a clear copy of King's popular series, so it won't win any prizes for creativity, but it does a great job of covering the fundamentals and gives out a small amount of Bitcoin in the process. adverts in full screen can be annoying, and some gamers may become disinterested due to the excessive amount of adverts compared to gameplay. However, if you can put up with the disruptions, you can play this entertaining diversion and earn some BTC.

Bitcoin Sudoku

Because sudoku moves more slowly than other games, Bitcoin Sudoku, which is also released by Bling, provides a better mix of gameplay and video commercials. It's a good version of the well-known number-plotting game that can be played on both iOS and Android platforms and has several difficulty settings.

It's also a pleasant diversion from the advertisements that play in between stages, as each level may take you several minutes. Because the levels are longer, Bitcoin Sudoku gives away a bit more Bling points (which you can exchange for Satoshis) after every advertisement. You don't feel undervalued as a result, and the game isn't as tedious as other puzzlers powered by Bitcoin.


Although the word "Bitcoin" is absent from this title, the game does have Bitcoin payouts. A straightforward asteroid-mining game, SpaceY (a play on SpaceX) for iOS and Android has you sending your ship around the cosmos to gather resources from every sector you find.

To explore and mine the flying asteroids in this instance, you must press buttons. You will then receive Satoshis for each asteroidal you successfully gather. Additionally, free Satoshis occasionally appear in the field of view, which you can press to claim.

Bitcoin Solitaire

While there are several (but largely comparable) mobile solitaire games that offer Bitcoin prizes, Bling and PlayDay's Bitcoin Solitaire really beat out competing products from THNDR Games and Viker. Yes, we spent hours each playing them all.

Bitcoin Solitaire for iOS and Android, in contrast to those other versions, strikes a better balance between fluid gameplay and Bitcoin earnings—even if it won't significantly increase the size of your wallet.

Word Breeze

Here's another somewhat relaxing puzzle game with Bitcoin rewards: Word Breeze, a hybrid crossword and anagram puzzle solver from Bling and PlayDay Studios, requires you to swipe to construct a predetermined amount of words from each pool of letters.

This iOS and Android game, Word Breeze, is a pleasant little diversion to pass the time when you have some free time. It is simple to learn and occasionally tough. This is another concept we've seen used a lot on mobile, similar to Sweet Bitcoin, but it works well here as well—that is, if you can put up with the occasional interruptions from video ads that eventually provide points that may be exchanged for Bitcoin.

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