11 Jun

A huge thank you to everyone who made Proof Of Collabs - Vietnam Edition such a success!

On June 7th in HCMC, Proof Of Collabs gathered with a vibrant community of crypto Founders, industry leaders, Community leaders, Community Members  and passionate individuals to explore the future of blockchain technology. They were thrilled to partner with amazing organizations and hear from inspiring speakers who shared their expertise and ignited thought-provoking discussions.
Event Credits goes to the Hosts Cryptoniteuae and Co-Hosts Stepmint.

A Special Thanks To:

Thank you for sharing your insights and fostering a stimulating learning environment.

Your collaboration was instrumental in creating a truly immersive and valuable experience for all attendees.

  • The Vietnamese Crypto Community:

Your energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm are what make these events so special. We're dedicated to supporting your growth and fostering a collaborative environment in Vietnam.

Looking Ahead: Proof Of Collabs is committed to bridging the gap and empowering the crypto community Globally. They are  excited about the future and the potential that lies ahead. Stay tuned for updates on their upcoming  Global events and initiatives!

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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