03 May

Renowned criminal defense attorney for cryptocurrency Carlo D'Angelo has shared his thoughts on the events leading up to former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried's sentence. Tiffany Fong is a well-known independent journalist who covers topics related to cryptocurrency crimes. D'Angelo spoke with her in-depth.

D'Angelo informed Fong that a number of criteria will decide Bankman-Fried's fate in jail during their conversation. He clarified that the convict's proposed prison would be recommended by the Bureau of Prisons based on a number of factors.

As per the defense lawyer, the authorities would take into account variables such as the occupants of a prison at the moment. That way, they may find out whether co-defendants who assisted and provided testimony against Bankman-Fried throughout the legal proceedings are housed in the same jail. He emphasized that it might be problematic for Bankman-Fried to be in the same space as witnesses who had come forward to testify against him.

The authorities will take into account the particular mental health needs of the prisoner, according to D'Angelo. They might therefore assign him to a unit that can meet such needs. The law expert pointed out that in addition to Bankman-specific Fried's demands, the jail administration will make every effort to maintain his family's closeness.

In light of Bankman-lengthy Fried's sentence and the prospect of release, D'Angelo clarified that the prisoner would receive credit for the time he spent awaiting trial and sentencing. He made it clear that Bankman-House Fried's arrest will not be covered by the time credit.

Apart from that, the defense attorney pointed out that the U.S. Parole for prison terms has been eliminated by the federal system. But he made it clear that the Bureau of Prisons has the authority to grant "Good Time," stating that this is possible if Bankman-Fried stays out of trouble with the law. Nonetheless, he pointed out that prisoners such as Bankman-Fried typically spend roughly 85% of their prison sentences behind bars. 

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