10 May

Slow Mist founder recently disclosed a concerning revelation about a new phishing scam exploiting the Telegram Open Network (TON) transfer mechanism to trick users into receiving apparently low-cost USDT tokens.

The scam operates by disseminating deceptive messages on the TON blockchain, falsely suggesting the receipt of substantial amounts of USDT, such as "Received +5,000 USDT." Users are lured into believing they've received these funds, unaware of the fraudulent nature of the messages.

The TON blockchain, known for its asynchronous design and smart contract capabilities, facilitates data transmission among users. Unfortunately, the increasing popularity of TON, driven by growing interest in blockchain technology, has created opportunities for fraudulent schemes like TON phishing messages to proliferate.

TON, a key element of the Web3 ecosystem, aims to revolutionize decentralized experiences beyond DeFi, dApps, and DAOs. With developers actively working to support Telegram's massive user base of over 700 million, the TON Foundation plays a crucial role in fostering innovation in this space.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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