08 Jul

Worldcoin (WLD) faces an interesting challenge. While the project recently saw a price increase, a significant concern looms: daily token unlocks. These scheduled releases of new tokens could introduce downward pressure on the price.

The Unlock Schedule:

  • Worldcoin has a linear token unlock schedule, meaning the amount of new tokens released increases over time.
  • Currently, only 16% of the total supply (10 billion) has been unlocked, with daily releases valued at around $5.95 million.
  • However, the pace is set to accelerate, potentially doubling the daily token release in the coming years.

Can WLD overcome this?

  • This is the big question. The price increase despite upcoming unlocks suggests some positive sentiment for the project.
  • Worldcoin's goal of distributing 75% of tokens to the community could be a long-term positive, fostering wider adoption.
  • However, successful price growth will depend on strong project development and user base expansion to counter the potential dilution from token unlocks.

Looking ahead:

  • Investors interested in WLD should closely monitor token unlock schedules and project developments.
  • If Worldcoin can demonstrate its utility and attract a large user base, it might be able to weather the token unlock storm.

July 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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