22 Apr

A substantial number of Solana (SOL) tokens will be put up for auction by FTX's bankruptcy estate in anticipation of a crucial move. This tactic is a component of the liquidation plan that FTX started after it collapsed in November 2022.

The impending auction is a deliberate move that signals possible changes in market dynamics, as it differs from prior fixed-price sales.

Will the Solana Auction Involve the Crypto Community?

In the past, 25–30 million SOL tokens were sold, bringing in close to $1.9 billion. At $64 apiece, this represented a steep 60% savings over the going rate at the time. But, there was a catch to the discount: the purchasers had to lock in their SOL for four years.

Eva Weng from Caladan explained, "basically you're exchanging time for a discount — you have to lock up your capital for four years, but you get to pay much less for the tokens."

This time, choosing to hold an auction could encourage aggressive bidding and ultimately affect Solana's market price. Figure Markets CEO Mike Cagney acknowledged the auction, but the specifics are still being kept secret.

In order to make it easier for the cryptocurrency community to participate in the auction, Cagney's Figure Markets is creating a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The goal of this method is to draw in certified US investors as well as foreign investors. It enables people to manage ensuing investments and reach a consensus as a community about bid prices.

The auction method may intensify bidding, which could have an impact on Solana's price patterns.

Solana's price trend is currently potentially rising. The price of Solana fell sharply by more than 44% from a peak of $210 on March 18 to a low of about $116 on April 13. Still, it has recovered, now trading about 30% higher than it was at the trough.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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