18 May

The memecoin sector has experienced remarkable growth, outpacing other areas in the cryptocurrency market. Recent data from Artemis indicates a staggering 114% year-to-date increase.

Key players like WIF, PEPE, and DOGE have been instrumental in driving this growth, overshadowing Centralized Exchange tokens, DePIN tokens, and even AI tokens.

However, there are signs that the landscape could shift unfavorably for these memecoins in the future.

Social engagement for WIF and DOGE has notably decreased in the past month. A drop in popularity could potentially lead to a decline in their token prices.

With other memecoins like TRUMP and BODEN gaining traction on social media, WIF and DOGE face the risk of losing market share unless they regain popularity online.

In contrast, PEPE has seen a recent surge in social media activity, indicating its ability to maintain relevance in the market amidst new competitors.

Sentiment analysis shows a decline in favorability towards WIF and DOGE, suggesting increasing criticism on social platforms. However, PEPE's sentiment remains consistently positive.
PEPE also demonstrates growth in network activity, with new addresses expressing interest in the coin.

DOGE has experienced a surge in transaction velocity, indicating increased transaction frequency, while WIF has seen a similar uptick in transaction volume.

Regarding price performance over the last week, PEPE and DOGE have shown positive gains, with PEPE leading at a 14.98% increase, while DOGE rose by 3%. Conversely, WIF experienced a 10% decline during the same period.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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