04 Jul

Popular Telegram game, Notcoin, is making a big move to become a central hub for social and viral games on the platform. They've announced the launch of the Telegram Gaming Accelerator, a program designed to empower and support game developers in creating exciting new experiences for the millions of Telegram users.

This initiative comes in collaboration with Helika, a prominent artificial intelligence analytics firm. By leveraging Helika's expertise and a dedicated $50 million fund, the Telegram Gaming Accelerator aims to provide a comprehensive support system for game studios, mobile app developers, and independent creators.

The program offers a multitude of benefits for developers:

  • Growth and Innovation: The accelerator will provide resources and mentorship to help developers refine their game concepts, improve user engagement, and achieve sustainable growth within the Telegram ecosystem.
  • Technical Support:  Assistance will be available for integrating blockchain technology into games, a key feature for the Telegram mini-app experience pioneered by Notcoin.
  • Exposure and Funding: The program offers a platform for developers to showcase their creations and potentially secure funding for promising projects.

This move positions Notcoin as a frontrunner in shaping the future of gaming on Telegram.  Sasha Plotvinov, co-creator of Notcoin, envisions the platform evolving into the "Netflix of social games."  The Telegram Gaming Accelerator is a crucial step towards achieving this goal by fostering a vibrant community of developers and enriching the gaming experience for Telegram users worldwide.

July 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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