17 Apr

With the official launch of "Ragnarok: Monster World," Web3 game-focused blockchain Ronin and Gravity have formed a strategic relationship that brings the world of Ragnarok Online into the rapidly expanding realm of blockchain gaming. With Pixels' successful migration, this partnership represents the first time a Web2 game IP has moved onto the Ronin network.

"Our core audience in South East Asia, including many of our own team members who grew up as avid fans, holds a special place in their hearts for Ragnarok," said Trung Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of Sky Mavis. "We are excited to see the Ronin Effect on Monster World and are committed to bringing IP that will transcend gaming culture through our cutting edge technology."

The game studio and Web3 development firm ZERO X AND is in charge of Ragnarok: Monster World. The studio is staffed by seasoned professionals with backgrounds in well-known Web2 games and is a part of Google Cloud's Startup Program. The gameplay of Ragnarok: Monster World, which will include tower defense and monster collection, is scheduled to debut on Ronin in Q3 2024.

Future updates will bring PvE and GvG elements, but for now, players can tame, train, and engage in PvP combat for prizes.

"We are ecstatic to work with the Axie Infinity team, who have pioneered a novel approach to P2E and NFTs. ZERO X AND founder Seokjun Kim stated, "I've been watching Ronin's potential for a while now and have really enjoyed playing the Axie Infinity games." "We hope to strengthen the gaming and blockchain community by utilizing the Web2 and Web3 expertise of SkyMavis and our team members."

Before the game was created by the South Korean publisher Gravity, Ragnarok was a Manwha comic book series. It has been downloaded over 167 million times worldwide. The IP expanded its cultural influence by infiltrating different media, including as animated shows and mobile games.

Since its founding in 2021, Ronin has accumulated over 17.6 million wallet addresses overall. With the impending introduction of zkEVM, the company is getting ready for even more scalability. With the help of its committed community and Web3 Publishing Stack, Sky Mavis hopes to increase game success.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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