06 Apr

RootData, a start-up platform in the Web3 asset data space, has received a pre-seed investment with a $1.25 million ceiling, which it views as a major boost to its operations. Prominent investors including NLVC, Boyaa Interactive, Bonfire Union Ventures, and other well-known personalities in the industry were also involved in the subsequent round. The funds are allocated for R&D and service implementation, suggesting significant business growth for the company.

Revolutionizing web3 data management with RootData

The organization, which was established in the beginning of 2022, has made it a priority to make cryptocurrency investing easier for those who are unfamiliar with it. The methodical visual representation of Web3 data, incorporating both ledger-based and office-based indicators, is crucial in demystifying the intricacy of RootData's extremely challenging Web3 investments. Plattform offers a comprehensive package that includes a tag chart, a landscape guide, an institutional library, a trait library, and a project library. With the help of these tools, users may browse and search for project-related data considerably more quickly and easily than they could have in the past.

Updates to data integrity systems are required

The intelligent data processing technology from RootData represents a significant advancement in making sense of the intricate and multi-layered Web3 fields of information. Through automated data registration and process-oriented human data entry processing, RootData has been highlighted as a highly dependable and diverse decentralized data platform. Numerous KOLs exhibit this loyalty, as shown by their frequent engagement and usage by top media outlets.

Using SEO Tool as an API integration

The company's dedication to offering a superior user experience both within and outside of its platform is another crucial component. The RootData company provides an API that encapsulates the RootData data, allowing partners' applications to include Web3 data. This integration makes reference to the players by citing the financing amounts and investors along with the introduction and social media links. As a result, fewer hard data upkeep tasks are required. Being the industry leader among 30 API clients in terms of app traction, user experience, and data accessibility is exceptional.

Reaching a new level, the Rootdata co-founder also responds to the demand from users for a more hands-on method. With its crystal-clear vision and solid funder support, RootData is poised to become the Web3 industry's go-to data platform for accessing secret information about all Bitcoin assets. 

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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